Three rooms on the first floor on the right of the stairs are devoted to the subtype of Vertebrates. The first of these rooms deals with Fish; amphibians and Reptiles. If we follow a systemic path anticlockwise, we can see four showcases displaying Fish where the partial reconstruction of an enormous sawfish and a swordfish is particularly impressive; then we can see a showcase about Amphibians and six showcases with Reptiles, particularly Turtles, Squamates and Snakes while other specimens belonging to the class of Crocodiles are displayed in a glass case in the middle of the room. In the next two rooms the class of Birds is displayed. We begin with the General Ornithology room where (while moving clockwise) we can see some showcases illustrating the main features of these animals followed by an exposition of big birds    (Emu, Ostrich and Dwarf) and of American Birds, many of which belong to Ettore and Federico’s bird collections;  the rich collection of  Hummingbirds is of particular interest, this includes over 60  species, that we can see in the last showcase. After this we can enter  the wide European Birdlife Room where 11 big  showcases display Birds belonging to as many different typical environments of our continent: city and countryside, steppe, Mediterranean scrub, marsh, watercourse, deciduous forest, taiga mixed forest, tundra, mountains. A third room is devoted to Birds is the Ancient Room of  Ornithological Collection on the second floor.