The old room of Ornithological collections is located on the second floor on the left of the stairs, and it still appears in the original setting-up of the mid XIX century (wood and glass furniture, with an octagonal display stand for nests and eggs). The room was set up in 1843 after Angelo Craveri had one extra level built to sort out all the naturalistic collections which were enlarging with numerous ornithological finds  collected by Federico during his journey to Mexico and regularly forwarded overseas. Because of the lack of space this room had been used as a storeroom. After the offices were moved to a new building in front of the museum and following the realisation of new storerooms, the old room of ornithological collections was renovated and opened to the public again thanks to the financial support of the Department of Culture of the Piedmont Region and the Townhall of Bra. The room was cleaned, the showcases and the beautiful wooden floor were rearranged; all the ornithological specimens kept in the showcases were cleaned and relocated according to precise systematic criteria. Given its large size, the room can also host numerous specimens of Extra European mammals that  over time have enlarged the museum collections. The presence of exotic mammals provides this room with a remarkable stage effect so much so that it looks like a Wunderkammer (wonder room) which was very popular in the XVII century.