Due to the remarkable size of many specimens of the collections of Mammals, currently no room is large enough to place them. For this reason they have been distributed  along the whole exposition area of the museum. Therefore, while entering the museum one is impressed by the sight of hunt trophies hanging on the walls in the stairs. They are mainly African Ungulates, 22 trophies belonging to the order of even-toed ungulates (Artiodactyla), which have been distributed in geographical macro areas divided on each staircase: Camoeroun, Tanzania, Zambia and South Africa. Among the most important examples we can see the giant Eland, the cape Buffalo, the Wildebeest, the Warthog, the Oryx, and the Impala. Other species, like the Siberian Wolf, the Brown Bear and the Ibex can be found in the room on the first floor, while a large group of Extra European mammals is located in the Old Room of Ornithological Collections . Here we can see, among others, the Snow Leopard, the Saiga,the Bengal Tiger, the Lesser Panda, the Wallaby, the Cougar and the Anteater. The two monkeys in the middle of the  Teneré Prehistory Room are vervets whereas many local mammals, like the Badger, the Roe Deer, the Fox and the Otter and the Wild Boar, to mention just a few, are in the main diorama of the Room of Bra habitats.