The collection of ancient Saharan artifacts in the Teneré room has  been  enriched with new findings from Niger. In February 1999 the Museum received the visit of the then Minister of Tourism and Craftsmanship Rhissa Ag Boula, who was also leader  of Tuareg in Agadez; he had been invited by the then the Niger Honorary Consul in Milan, Luigi Solina. On that occasion the museum received many findings as a present, among others some pottery belonging to the famous Bura people who lived between the II and the XIII century A. D. in south-west Niger, in an area outside Teneré The most interesting finding is no doubt  a particular  funerary embellishment known as “Bura knight” an earthenware artifact showing a horse head from the archaeological site in Bura dating back between the III and the X century A.D., which was donated by the Nigeria Ambassador in Italy. On that occasion a scientific partnership between the Craveri Museum for Natural History in Bra and the Niger National Museum (through the Niger Diplomat) in Niamey was signed.