Jumeau doll with head in bisque porcelain (with this type of material the colour of the face is very close to the colour of the human complexion), mouth closed, hazel glass eyes, articulated body in wood and human hair (less wealthy women sold their hair to earn something). The dress she wears is the original one in silk
The dolls from the French company Jumeau are among the most fascinating ones. Their attractiveness consists in a proper mixture of childlike naivety, expressed in the modelled face, by the anatomy of the chubby bodies and the deep look marked by eyebrows marked above glass eyes almost human.
They are an excellent product which was  awarded several times at the end of 19th century result of a production organization that used specialization in various production techniques (each worker had a specific task: some workers took care exclusively of  the moulding, some workers assembled parts, others produced the eyes and skilled  tailors prepared clothes)
The Jumeau dolls were precious and expensive, classy objects intended for customers who  was not content with a beautiful doll but who wanted  a qualifying status-symbol  and therefore these dolls were purchased almost exclusively by wealthy families.